Drogs V Dundalk 7:45pm United Park 16/6/2017

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Re: Drogs V Dundalk 7:45pm United Park 16/6/2017

Postby GSBellew » Sat Jun 17, 2017 2:48 am

Great result against what was admittedly a weak opposition, in their defence it could have gone either
way until after the second goal, then it all seemed to fall apart for Drogheda.

I got the distinct impression in the second half that it was being treated as a practice game, that said,
it was fantastic to see them playing a passing game again, showing confidence in possession & creating
chances, yes it could have and should have been 8 or 9 but I will take it as a positive that markedly
better football was being played.

It was also great to see a strong away support, yes it was only in Drogheda, but considering the mess
with tickets only being available on the night I was afraid a lot wouldn't travel.

The previously mentioned "illuminated idiots" once again let us down, especially in the last 20 minutes
when they were showing their true form, spoiling for a fight, showing no interest in the on pitch action
and more interested in abusing the Drogheda fans whilst climbing the railings with no regard for the
young fans they are forcing out of the way.

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Re: Drogs V Dundalk 7:45pm United Park 16/6/2017

Postby niall_hearty2000 » Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:01 am

Dell we were the better team through out the entire 90 mins. It was taking us time to try and get the first goal but once we scored it the result was never really in any doubt. We comfortably won against 10 men in the end. But you can only beat what you are playing against, and we beat them well. It was a practice match in the end and we tried to walk a couple of goals in and really should have hit them for 10! I know it was only drogheda but the centre half pairing going forward should now be Garts and Vemmelund.. Having said that we were under no pressure whatsoever. Rogers distribution was excellent he created 2 fantastic chances with delightful balls up pitch. Mceleney's goal was top drawer.
With regards the scrotes they were spoiling for a fight walking up from the bus drop to the ground. One of the buses windows was smashed in which I overheard them saying was done in coxes as they were leaving!!
The issue with flares needs addressing. Fines penalise the clubs. Yes they add colour etc but they are far too dangerous.. how hard is it for security to check? Isis would have a fcuking field day at a LOI game.
Dundalk Fc. First Irish club to win points in group stages of a major European Competition.

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Johnny Guitar
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Re: Drogs V Dundalk 7:45pm United Park 16/6/2017

Postby Johnny Guitar » Sat Jun 17, 2017 11:48 am

dell wrote:
Ezeikial wrote:
dell wrote:Keeping an eye on things from work and it seemed that we only really dominated after the red card. Is that the case or would the goals have arrived anyway?

Who knows? We were definitely on top, but with 11 v 11 the game was open for either team

So minus the crystal ball I can take it if the game was open for either team 11 v 11 that the red card dramatically influenced the result. We may have been on top but Drogheda havent conceded in 4 games prior to tonight so the red card flatters the result for us. I would have hoped for a better indication of form after the break and heading in to Europe.

Drogheda are no indication how we are heading inot Europe.
They are this Season the Best justification for a 10 team premier
Stephen Kenny's Black & White Army

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Re: Drogs V Dundalk 7:45pm United Park 16/6/2017

Postby mike » Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:54 pm

Not a bad point Johnny, if there was one thing only I would take from the introduction of the 10 team league, if it meant the standard improved across the league, it may not be a bad idea.

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