Dundalk fc.....Dundalk schoolboys league.

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Dundalk fc.....Dundalk schoolboys league.

Postby fgm » Thu May 26, 2005 10:17 pm

It isnt my intention to rake over old sores , especially as DFC have quite enough on their plate at present....but.......it occurs to me that the official website could do a great service for the club by including a section for the Schoolboys league.....and taking the time to ensure that all DSL clubs would update the info regularly.

Its not a new idea.....Monaghan and Athlone already include their local leagues in their LOI club websites.

The possible benefits to the DSL ...and to DFC are enormous.

At present the DSL dont have a website to promote their league. Could not Dundalkfc.com fulfil this function?

I know there are people from the DSL clubs on this site....what do you think? :?:

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