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Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:12 pm
by Brendan ogle
I propose the moderator for the sin bin. For days fans were allowed to attack other fans with post that were tantamount to 'incitement to hatred'. Anonymously! Then I posted in my real name asking relevant questions (still no answers) but mostly appealing for unity in run in to season. Admin exercised his vast knowledge of due process and conflict resolution by 'sin binning' the post thereby shutting down the debate. Ever get the feeling somebody was afraid of a real debate and trying to hide something?

It appears the club and the way it is being run is on a very slippery slope, and that's nothing got to do with a flag fine- real or invented. Who is going to try to ensure some common sense prevails in the end.....?


Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:40 pm
by HaylockGizAGoal

You appeal for unity but give out that you can't pursue a 'debate' that is going to do anything but unite people. And having a go at the flag issue as if it's nothing is not going to help you. Go buy your ticket on Friday and will the team on like the vast majority of people without having a go at anyone else.


Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:43 pm
by colymull
This forum has nothing to do with the club, other that everyone on here supports the club and the team. So how about, you get off your high horse and just get on with supporting the team home to a league victory this year. Enough is enough for fcuk sake.


Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2014 10:39 pm
by DFCshed
Anyone to second this proposal? Nah didn't think so!

Fans have every right to air their opinions on a serious issue for the club, which incidentally was caused by so called supporters of the club. They can protest they didn't know what the ramifications where - despite the fact it was made clear to them by the clubs chairman on more than one occasion. Members (I stress not all members) of the SSA continue to make ridiculous comments and dig themselves in bigger holes, isolating themselves further from the ordinary supporters.

Now if you want better examples of as what you describe as 'incitement to hatred', go to the shedside armies Facebook pages. They made a statement looking for an "immediate apology" from the club, which portrayed Dundalk FC as to basically trying to silence the SSA and not allowing to show support for a suffering people in Gaza. Which is completely untrue. The club was in sticky position with a UEFA delegate, who was being over the top, but still it wasn't the clubs decision and these fans continued. Then the SSA's ringleaders continue to be abusive to anyone who doesn't share their point of view (not many Dundalk supporters do and that includes plenty who are in what is considered the singing section of the shed). In fact one ringleader, today called orielweb users as "cluless braindead morons" (Clueless).

Now get away with trying to ban the moderator and painting these guys you are defending as angels, who knew no better. Also as collymull mentioned this forum has nothing to do with the club and to be honest I would suggest the opposite of a slippery slope, as I for one am happy that the club has made a statement regarding this group of fans.

*Just want to say I am not including all members of the SSA in that, only the 2/3 ringleaders who ruined what was originally a good supporters group.


Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2014 10:41 pm
by dundalkfc1903
This is not an official club site, so thats your first mistake.


Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2014 11:04 pm
by Johnny Guitar
This isn't a club sponsored forum so it is not the club directing the debate. I do have to say in their defence that the mods do do a decent enough job in allowing the debate to continue.

I would love to see your evidence in saying that comments made are tantament to incitement of hatred. Granted tempers were high but nobody was looking for public floggings or executions. Let me ask you this question? Should the perpetrators of the flag waving not be held responsible for their actions and accept the consequences of their actions? It is not as if they didn't for one moment consider that it would come back to bite.

I agree with you that we should all roll in together to get behind king Kenny and the boys but does that mean that we allow certain individuals a carte Blanche in thinking that that can flout ground or competition rules just for the craic.

I made strong comments about the SSA that I still stand over. I have even been on their fb page to voice my disgust at their actions. For me there is one too many incidents attributed to their group. Including this fine and for this season there are about 5k in flares including the guts of this fine. You may retort that we don't know the full figure attributed to the flag waving but to me a 1k fine from a supporter is too much.

The innocent victim in all this is Dundalk fc and as a supporter I have just had enough. These clowns have cost us too much as it is.


Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2014 7:20 am
by Northern Lilywhites
You'd want to watch some of your posts aren't removed.Had the pleasure of it last night before last.