Declan Rice

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Declan Rice

Post by niall_hearty2000 » Mon Aug 27, 2018 2:27 pm

Declan rice. If you have to think about it and weigh up your options, then quite frankly you aren't Irish. The same Irish who gave you your international chance from the underage set-up right through to being capped at senior International level. The same Irish whose National anthem you have belted out before International matches.
John Delaney this is the type of International player you and your Failure of an Association have actively pursued over our own home grown talent. The same home grown talent that you and the Association you govern have complete and utter disdain for. Yet once they board the magic plane to England are then deemed fit enough to be called up into International squads without even playing a game across channel.
The FAI failures should start to take an actively progressive role in our league. Start promoting it and look to invest in OUR league and the talent within OUR NATIONAL LEAGUE instead of 2nd 3rd and 4th generation Irish who are only waiting on the call from the English FA to jump ship. Select players from OUR NATIONAL LEAGUE who have 100% passion, commitment and the ability to represent OUR country at International level which in turn will actively promote OUR NATIONAL LEAGUE and generate more interest and make OUR LEAGUE stronger. The amount of foreign players and managers representing OUR country at International level who don't even know the words of our National anthem is shocking.

Dundalk Fc. First Irish club to win points in group stages of a major European Competition.

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