Dundalk FC seen on Los Angeles telly

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Post by Burbank White » Fri Oct 17, 2003 1:23 am

We may be mired in the first division suffering through a miserable year, but last night we were proudly seen on every local television station here in Los Angeles on the 9, 10 and 11 pm broadcasts. The local pub is a massive Chicago ex-pats pub, with one major exception that came through loud and clear last night. The barkeeps are good mates of mine and behind the bar proudly displayed are a Dundalk scarf, and jersey which where featured in all the shots of the Cubs supporters who were looking for a shower rod and a belt to hang themselves. Victory where you find it I say and at least we haven't had to wait 58 bloody years to win something.

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Post by lisdoolad » Fri Oct 17, 2003 3:02 pm

Ehhhh, don't hold you breath! Could be the curse of the 'Hun' heading our way. All non- American living folk, the "Curse of the bambino", Boston Red Sox win world series in 1918 (correct Burbank?) they then transfer Babe Ruth (we acquire) to Yankees, Yanks win all in front of them, Red Sox haven't won anything since, last night, game 7, (best of 7) Red Sox winning 5-2 going into the 8th inning, lose 6-5, the Curse lives on!! We acquire Hunderson, hardly won a game, creative "Curse" names welcome.
C'mon the town!

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