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Jack Grealish

Posted: Sun May 17, 2015 4:02 pm
by Spiderman
Am not a fan of the granny rule and fifa need to have a look at this its a joke, i don't believe grealish should declare for Ireland why? Because he is English that his home country were he was born, i know irisheland have benefited over the years from the granny rule but i don't think a player born in a different country should declare for Ireland for example James McCarthy is Scottish, Walters is English just like vinny Jones is noWelsh than i am, Costa is Brazilian not Spanish even our own player Darren meenan was born in Dublin but has declared for Northern Ireland so imo jack grealish is English not Irish plus he hasn't even played a dozen games for villa i remember a certain young 18 year old who burst on to the scene with man utd last season under moyes and he can declare for 5 different countries and of course the English were in like flynn and look at the young lad now cant get a game with utd so be careful what you wish for jack.