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Re: Club Gear 2023

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ShedSide03 wrote: Tue Jan 17, 2023 7:33 pm Sorry 'pal', forgot only OAPs who head to oriel once every few months, and only attend an game away from home, when its a European game in Tallaght or the cup final in the Aviva were a 'real fan'. No-one in club seems to have a problem with flares (Most actually seem to enjoy them), except The Average OrielWeb user, a person approaching retirement age, overall an unfulfilled career, generally uninteresting life, in summary an old man with nothing else interesting going on in their life.
A keyboard warrior and Gobshite to match, just what this forum needs. If yourself and your mates had balls you would be doing bucket collections in front of the Shed to donate the money raised to pay the fines, if the players love them so much sure they could throw in a few bob at half or full time. Maybe just maybe then you would realise how many people want to donate to your great collection and support your actions.
Additionally, as for telling OAPs to get off the forum etc., do not forget, when you were a little runt with granny cleaning the snots off your face and changing your nappy (if she isnt still doing it), these very people were out supporting and saving the club. Obviously your pea sized brain doesn't go far enough back to remember Dundalk was dug out of trouble many times by fans over the years and the club didn't start to exist when you walked into Oriel. Here is an idea for you ... take a flare, light it and stand in your own garden and see if your neighbours and mates call you a great mad lad. Buy a bag of cans, a few sliffs and sure you wont have far to walk far if you need the toilet or bed. When doing it, think about the money lost in fines and what they could have done toilet wise in Oriel or even better, think about a young players wages they could be paying.
Now off you go like a good lassy and play with yourself instead of the keyboard.
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