KA home game, can we do it ?

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KA home game - can we do it ?

Poll ended at Thu Aug 03, 2023 5:02 pm

Yes we can win by 2 goals and take it to ET, then win the tie in ET or Pens.
I think we will win by 3 clear goals and win the tie in 90 mins.
We will win but I can't see us getting the required score to win the tie.
Unfortunately I think we not win and will be going out on Thursday night.
Total votes: 22

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Re: KA home game, can we do it ?

Post by McNultys Discopants »

Looks like I won the poll! 😄 🤣

Very poor last night against a bang average side who didn't even try play football. 2 decent crosses all night and we scored from them. Giving away silly goals cost us again. 😢
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Re: KA home game, can we do it ?

Post by mike »

We can have absolutely no complaints over the 2 legs, far too many mistakes, Shep questionable for at least one goal in Iceland, even Hoban was disappointing across both both rounds with only one goal.

The massive disappointment for me was we were favs to advance before the away leg in Iceland, in hindsight we were never recovering from 3-1 down, all the damage was done over there mentally.

Only 'positive' we exited with a bit but of dignity by getting a result in Oriel and drawing the game, but it was such a tame exit, not a game to remember, pity but we move on. Plenty to look forward to, if we beat Bray we are 2 games away from Aviva, top 3 will be tough, currently Derry not even in that, but lots of teams will beat each other, we just need to pick up as many points as possible, see where that leaves us.

Europe rating, as much as Gibraltar / La Linea trip was personally such a fantastic experience, I would give us a 5/10.
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